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Where can you find an ‘oasis of peace and tranquility’ in Naples? Where can you drink your spritz on a boat in Venice with the students? Where can you sleep in a pre-historic cave for a night?

La Brutta Figura shares lesser-known gems of Italy, garnered from personal experiences and recommendations from friends and locals. Here you can discover city secrets and treasures overlooked by guidebooks, restaurants frequented by locals where an after dinner digestif is on the house, artisans producing traditional souvenirs, and the best small villages with their intruiging festivals (of the jujube berry for example).  Explore il bel paese from a new perspective, peek through the Knights of Malta keyhole and admire an Italy that is simultaneously familiar and surprising, be guided by those in the know to places most others don’t know. Follow in the footsteps of Byron and Browning and fall in love with this exquisite country.

Italy boasts terrain from snowpeaked mountains to a desert (really, it’s in Tuscany), architecture from Byzantine to thoroughly Austrian (in Trentino-Alto Adige) and nature including scorpions and flamingos. So pop a bottle of bubbly and immerse yourself in the glittering lagoon and dark alleys of Venice, or swirl a glass of Ripasso and read about the sun baked white villages and deliciously scented lemon groves of the South. Get in touch if you want to find out more or would like some travel advice for visiting Italy!

‘The grandeur of the world is a delusion’. Francesco Borromini

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